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Tiling is an essential part of home renovations and general design. The types of tiles and craftsmanship both significantly impact the overall aesthetic. This is why we highly recommend PROFESSIONALS performing your tiling work; those who know what they are doing. On top of that, it is also imperative that your contractor uses high-quality tiles and other materials to assure the durability and longevity of work. Geelong Tiling is a professional tiling service that offers a wide variety of services to residents of Geelong. We provide the most modern yet simple tiling designs tailored to each of our clients’ preferences. As part of our service, we will guide you through the end-to-end process. We will create a plan, offer suggestions, and implement the tiling process with total accuracy and deliver results that exceed expectations. Through our approach to all of our projects, we have developed the trust of our clients. With more than ten years of service experience, we believe that we are more than capable of taking your tiling needs to the next level. If you need a tiling service in Geelong, call us today to get a FREE quote and let’s make your dream home complete!

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Geelong Tiling Services

Clear Communication

At Geelong Tilers, we always make sure to keep you in the loop. We get it… It’s your home. And we’re not talking about a couple bucks here, tiling is a real investment. What we can promise is that you’ll always be able to reach out to our tilers whether it’s on site or over the phone. We won’t leave you in the dark.

On-Time Project Delivery

We always strive to meet our deadlines. During our initial consultation, we will set clear expectations of when we realistically think we can finish the job. If the team requires an extension for whatever reason, we can assure you that you'll be the first to know.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Before we kick-off every project, we make sure to provide our clients with clear and transparent quotes. There's nothing worse than to start a job, only to find out halfway that you need to fork out an extra $500 to complete it. You give us your budget, and we will provide clear options for that price range.

Our services

Our team is composed of highly skilled tiling contractors in Geelong with years of experience. We offer a wide variety of services including general indoor tiling, kitchen tiling, bathroom tiling, and underfloor heating. Our tiling specialties include custom tiled entryway borders, mosaic feature walls for bathrooms, powder rooms and kitchens, as well as shower niche and tiled shower bases.

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Kitchen Tiling

Kitchen tiling has grown significantly more popular amongst new homes in Australia for the past few years. The trend is due to the fact that the kitchen is usually the ones being renovated first. In order to have a successful kitchen tiling, it is important to choose the right type of tiles while maintaining the durability of work for continuous daily activity.

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Bathroom Tiling

It can be challenging installing tiles in the bathroom because of it’s exposure to water, which requires waterproofing. This must meet the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 - ‘Waterproofing of domestic wet areas’ to pass a building inspection. We highly recommend hiring a licensed professional to minimise potential water related issues in the future.

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Underfloor Heating

We provide underfloor heating services for whatever space you would like to have the installation - that includes bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Our services are guaranteed to be high-quality and all our tilers are skilled in what they are doing. Let's start building your dream home with an underfloor heating solution!

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We strive to deliver only the best. Our quality is our guarantee.

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You don't need to spend excessively just to get a high-quality tiling work.


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