5 Trendy Irregular Shape Tiles We Recommend

Different types of tiles with different sizes on top of each other

When planning a quick home improvement project, upgrading your flooring can be a good start with an instant and drastic effect. At Geelong Tilers, one of the surface options we offer to deliver an excellent return on investment is tiles. Whether you are considering having it for your walk-in shower, creating a backsplash in your kitchen, or installing it for your hardscape area’s floorings, tiles can greatly upscale the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. However, while regular wall and floor tiles are the go-to choices by many, there are also a growing number of tiling projects in Geelong that go for unique and quirky shaped tiles and designs. 

With all the irregular tile materials, sizes, shapes, and colors offered out there – you may easily be overwhelmed and go off the course of your supposed design plan. To narrow your search and help in your decision-making process, our team has come up with the top five irregular shape tiles that can transform your space into an area that leaves a great lasting impression. 

Apollo Hexagon

Join the hype for hexed tiles and follow the trendy look of Apollo Hexagon tiles. With our wide range of visually appealing hexagonal tiles, you can create a space that turns heads and leave a great lasting impression. Unique, intriguing, and at the front line of the trendy irregularly shaped tiles, Apollo Hexagon delivers a very sophisticated concept for your tiled walls and floors. At Geelong Tilers, we offer premium quality tiles that can be mixed and matched to craft a bespoke design for each of our customers. 

Bella Craquele

Effortlessly instill a luxurious and artisanal aesthetic to any room with Bella Craquele. When you first see Bella Craquele tiles, you may think it is just a regular rectangle-shaped ceramic tile. However, you can observe that each piece features a cambered surface that exudes rustic and vintage charm when you have a closer look. This quirky tile is popularly used for splashbacks and feature walls. Since it is available in a multitude of subtle hues, you can conveniently find the one that is perfect for your interior design scheme. 


Welcome the fresh and eye-catchy aesthetic with Kromatika! These hex tiles are very trendy and can deliver contemporary visual appeal and versatility for walls and floors. It has a durable matte finish and hardwearing porcelain build so it can stay beautiful for the years to come. Kromatika can add a splash of uniqueness to your bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms. With its hexagonal format, attractive colors, and shade variations, our team of certified tilers can easily design and lay patterns based on your specifications and preferences. 

Riga Patchwork 

These unique tiles are an excellent alternative for those wishing to have something different but still want a trace of vintage allure. It is a ceramic tile that can be utilized on walls and floors. Riga Patchwork is known for its splendid colors, intricate patchwork, and quirky shapes. The inspiration behind its distinctive style is the French provincial architectural style which exudes vitality and character. Although it may seem asymmetrical, each piece balances the whole composition. Due to its various colors, illustrations, styles, and textures, it can easily make any space vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, you can also use a different Riga patchwork to suit various contemporary and traditional settings.

Ribera Slate Effect

Are you fond of natural hues and tones? Our Ribera Slate Effect tiles might be the ones you are searching for. With our extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing slates, we can help you craft an interlocking design with vintage and textured appearance. Ribera Slate can beautifully replicate the look of a natural split face mosaic. Due to its minimalist style and natural stone design, you can conveniently utilize it indoors and outdoors. 

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