Tips on Choosing Your Grout Colour

When it comes to tiling projects, there are different factors to consider ranging from the style of the tile to anything else that can be related to the installation process. One of the most important points of consideration involved with tiles is the grout. Grout is more than a material that provides space for tiles […]

Choosing the Right Tile Adhesive

The general process of tiling involves prepping the subfloor, laying the floor, then installing the tiles. Prior to installing the tile or finalizing it, you will want to assure a quality adhesive to ensure it retains the tile well and deliver long-lasting results. If an improper adhesive is used for your tiling project, this can […]

What to Ask Tilers Before Hiring Them

When it comes to tiling projects for any part of your property, there is no short amount of options that you can choose. From the spaces you can have it applied to the different styles of tiles you can choose from, tiles make for a versatile and durable material to select for any indoor or […]

Do’s and Don’ts to Remember When Tiling a Small Bathroom

a fully tiled bathroom at Geelong Tilers

Tiles are one of the most prevalent surface materials for bathroom walls and floors. Since this material can be highly resistant to stain, easier to maintain, and offered in a multitude of aesthetically pleasing sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes – many property owners in Geelong prefer tiles over other surface options. Installing tiles can be […]

Top Tile Materials for Shower Walls and Floors

tiling in a white and bright bathroom at Geelong Tilers

Has it ever crossed your mind how your bathroom can turn into your very own canvas? Since the shower is one of the main features that you can upscale when you are remodeling a bathroom, it might be best to find a material that will match the aesthetic and functionality you want to achieve. At […]

5 Trendy Irregular Shape Tiles We Recommend

Different types of tiles with different sizes on top of each other

When planning a quick home improvement project, upgrading your flooring can be a good start with an instant and drastic effect. At Geelong Tilers, one of the surface options we offer to deliver an excellent return on investment is tiles. Whether you are considering having it for your walk-in shower, creating a backsplash in your […]