Tips on Choosing Your Grout Colour

When it comes to tiling projects, there are different factors to consider ranging from the style of the tile to anything else that can be related to the installation process. One of the most important points of consideration involved with tiles is the grout. Grout is more than a material that provides space for tiles and acts as a sealant against water.

With grout, it can end up affecting the overall look or enhance it depending on the type and colour. Grout colour can emphasize certain elements of your tile, fade into the background, or completely steal the show. If you are looking to find a fitting grout colour to help with your tiling project, there are different points to check first.

Pointers for Choosing Grout Colour

Like choosing what tile would suit your project best, choosing the right grout colour has some points for consideration. Some of the top tips you can consider in choosing the best fitting grout colour for your tile are as follows:

Consider the Size of the Room

Tile sizes are not the only thing that can affect the size perception of the room but also the grout. For example, when you use white grout on a white tile bathroom, it will open up the space and make the room feel larger. If you use a contrasting grout colour, it creates an opposite effect.

Simply put, grout colours that contrast with your tile colour will create a more complex look, which may be overwhelming in a large space. On the other hand, a matching grout colour creates a more continuous surface visual and can help make a small space appear larger.

What Tile Patterns Are You Aiming For

Aside from the size of the room, your choice of grout can also end up affecting the general aesthetic of your choice of tile. Depending on the style and texture of the tile, it can determine what style of grout can help bring it out. An example of this would be to use a dark grey grout for a brick-patterned white tiling.

If you are looking to have a contrast with your grout, a good rule of thumb would be to select a grout several shades lighter or darker than your tile colour. The more contrast there is, the more pattern can be added to the space.

Where Are The Tiles Being Applied

The tiles are not the only factor of consideration when it comes to choosing a grout colour. Another tip to note when it comes to choosing your grout colour is to consider other elements that may affect the space. Should your tiles be applied as a wall tile, you will want to consider the other surface and design elements in the room and how the grout colour may impact them. If you find yourself unsure of how to determine a fitting grout colour, a professional service group can also help determine a quality fit for your tiling project.

When it comes to the selection of grout colours you can choose from, they mostly come in earthly tones. Black and white are the most common grout colours but aside from this two, shades of beige, brown, grey and mossy green are frequently used. Others are available as well, depending on what you need.

Why Have Geelong Tilers Help With Your Grout Choice

Tiles are a versatile material to design with and choosing the right grout colour can help enhance it. While there are different tips and considerations that can help determine a good fit for the tiling project, a professional service group like Geelong Tilers can help provide a top result with budget-friendly options. As a team of experienced professionals that have worked on a number of different tiling projects, you can be assured of the best fitting grout colours for your tiling project.


The grout may not seem like much on its own but with the right colour, it can impact your tiles in different ways. Depending on different factors like the room size and other elements in the room, well-chosen grout colour can enhance your tiles. Whether it is to make a room seem bigger or to bring out the features of the tile, grout colour can be just as versatile as the tile itself.

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