What to Ask Tilers Before Hiring Them

When it comes to tiling projects for any part of your property, there is no short amount of options that you can choose. From the spaces you can have it applied to the different styles of tiles you can choose from, tiles make for a versatile and durable material to select for any indoor or outdoor project. Whatever type of tiling project you aim to do though, you will want to have a reliable service to help provide a quality and long-lasting result. Given the different types of services that can be provided for tiling, there are also different factors that can help determine the best fitting tiler for your project.

Questions You Should Ask

Depending on the type of tiling project you are aiming to have done, there are different services specialized in tiling that can provide assistance and consultations for the most fitting option. If you want to have a service group that can provide both quality and reliability, there are some popular questions you will want to ask your tiler before you fully make a choice:

How Much Preparation is Needed and How Long Will it Take?

One of the many good questions that you will want to ask your tiler is for a confirmed timeline for your project. There are different factors that can affect your project and without a confirmed timeline, it can result in unnecessary costs for days that were not discussed. A good tiler should be able to provide you with a rough idea so as to determine a proper estimate and what it may cost.

What are Your Tile Recommendations?

Before you decide on hiring a tiler, you will want to check where they would recommend where to get your choice of tiles from. The recommendations can help determine how experienced a tiler can be and what kind of quality materials they are able to find. In addition to this, you can gain quality and durable products.

Can a Written Quote Be Provided?

Having a copy of a quote can help ensure that the exact services that are being rendered which may include removing old tiles, repairing and levelling the floor, etc. have been recorded. By getting a quote of all the details that may be involved in the project, it can ensure a concrete record and estimation of costs that were incurred during the process. This can also help in avoiding any unnecessary costs or undiscussed services being incurred.

What is Your Process?

Once you have determined what your choice of tiler can provide, you will want to determine how well they can deliver in terms of services. With different tiling projects, there can be different processes and checking what is involved in a tiler’s process can help confirm both their experience and quality. It can also help find if your choice of tiler can deliver your project vision in an ideal manner.

What Options Can Your Provide?

Understanding what kind of services your choice of tiler can provide an idea of the scope of work the tiler can provide you. In addition to this, you can also check to see if your choice of tiler can provide quality materials and what designs they can offer to help meet your tiling needs.

Why ConsiderGeelong Tilers an Option

There are a variety of different tiling services that you can choose from, but if you are looking for a group that can provide quality results with budget-friendly options, you will want to consider Geelong Tilers. Geelong Tilers is an experienced professional service group that has worked on a variety of different projects and can assure quality results with their work. If you have any further questions involving your tiling project, you can find further assistance with Geelong Tilers.


Tiling projects offers a number of different options depending on what you are looking for and there are a variety of different professional groups that you can choose from to assist you. Before you can confirm any selection of tilers, however, you will want to check on different factors like their quote or options to ensure that they can meet your tiling needs. With the right questions asked, you can find the most fitting tilers to deliver quality results.

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